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PowerSpeed Taekwondo Afterschool Structure/Activities

  • Our Afterschool program caters to the needs of students from toddlers to school-age children.
  • We provide activities that help enhance students' social development, academic performance, and physical development. 
  • Although we are NOT a tutoring institution, we are constantly finding ways to incorporate educational activities that help students acquire academic skills.
  • We follow a strict structure that emphasizes self-control and discipline.  Bullying is not tolerated and students are encouraged to help each other and display teamwork/cooperation through various activities. 
  • We pick up students from their respective schools and we provide snacks once they arrive at our facility. 




Taekwondo has many proven benefits to practitioners both young and adult students.  Primarily, taekwondo training will allow a student to socialize and meet new people.  Students, therefore, must understand the importance of displaying acceptable social behavior to make and maintain friends.

Martial arts in general, helps students develop confidence and self-esteem.  Through positive reinforcement and guidance of the master or instructor, students are required to learn forms, break boards, learn kicks, and acquire new skills/techniques.  Every step of the way and every time a student accomplishes his/her task, these give them a feeling of fulfillment and therefore give them a boost of confidence. 

At PowerSpeed Taekwondo, instructors are very precise in giving instructions.  Students, on the other hand, must comply and follow without hesitation.  Any negative gesture or behavior displayed like defying instruction is not tolerated and may result in time-out or getting kicked out of class. Students must display respect at all times not only to instructors but to their parents, peers, friends, and teachers as well.

We acknowledge that teaching the young is a community responsibility.  Here at PowerSpeed Taekwondo, we collaborate with parents, teachers, coaches, schools, and other programs that cater to young students.  

  • Benefits of Lego Activities:

  • Teamwork and cooperation

  • Creativity and imagination

  • Problem Solving

  • Better focus and concentration

School-age students engage in a higher level of tasks like programming a lego robot, coding, and problem-solving, and team competition. 



Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 6.35.43 PM.png

Hands-on science and art projects that stimulate students' creativity, and problem-solving,  

KiwiCo has tons of activities and does not fail to excite, motivate, and excite students.  Their projects are inspiring students to explore the world of arts, science, innovation, and technology

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