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Our Taekwondo Classes are Uplifting, Well-structured, and most of all... FUN!

Our goal is to see each student aspire for a black belt.  But most importantly, we are always looking forward  to seeing our students stepping at our doorsteps intrinsically motivated to train. 

This class covers important lessons that immensely affect different aspects of a child's life.  We aim to develop respect for oneself and others, positive social interaction, leadership, fitness literacy, self-control, and discipline.  Our program follows a holistic approach and we highly encourage parents to partner with us to create a consensus that will help us get to know their child not only inside our training area but at home as well. 


We reinforce positive behavior by recognizing and giving acknowledgment to students' accomplishments, good behavior, or simply doing their best at any task given during training.


Students learn forms, different kicking techniques, board breaking, pass promotion tests, and sparring.   


Lessons are not solely geared towards acquiring skills; students must display dedication, perseverance, self-discipline, and self-restraint.

Leadership instills confidence!  Childre

Taekwondo is a great tool to guide young students' development and we recognize its importance in establishing a foundation that will positively influence their decision making later in life. 

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