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We are a Taekwondo martial art school that provides rigorous and fun training sessions to students of all ages. Our main goal is to bring life-changing experiences to the lives of students. 


Why choose PowerSpeed Taekwondo? 

  • One of our best practices is diversifying activities to keep our students highly engaged without compromising our goals. 

  • We acknowledge that there are challenges. Every student has a unique way of learning and acquiring skills. It is, therefore, integral to our training to include varied activities and incorporate unorthodox martial arts training sessions to meet the need of our students, especially to our younger groups.

  • We have different strategies in reaching out to our students. These include establishing a good rapport and being able to connect with them.  

  • We focus on individual growth, positive social interaction, and self-control.

  • We highly emphasize character development and mental fortitude.

  • We implement a well-structured training environment allowing us to foster excellence, discipline, respect, and dedication.

  • Our methods are backed by over 20 years of training and teaching in the traditional art of Taekwondo. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve, be role models, and positive influence in the lives of all our students in Riverdale and neighboring communities. We are always excited to see a new student stepping at our doorway, expressing an eagerness to learn Taekwondo.

We welcome you to try and join our training and to become a part of our growing family.

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